Galvin & Rode Design

My entire family thanks you for undertaking our Malibu Beach Home COMPLETE MAKEOVER. You both were exceptionally creative and talented as a joy to work with. Your guidance made our home warm and inviting to all of our family and many friends who always comment how the changes have made our Beach Home so attractive “like those admired in Designer Magazines.” We were so pleased with your designs and taste that we relied on you both with complete trust and therefore expanded our original remodeling project.

I think one of the best things of all has been your fertile imaginations. You both have such a gift for reading people and their needs, and I’m sure our house wouldn’t have turned out so well if it hadn’t been for your ability to listen to and accommodate the people you work with. You have been such joy to work with and play with, but most of all, because of your interest in our visions for our home and your kindness and considerations, we are so happy to include you now as two friends. You took something that could have been a nightmare and turned it into something very special.

Bob and I wish to express our deep gratitude for your excellent guidance and assistance with the interior design of our new home. It has been an extremely enjoyable experience to work with both of you. We have greatly valued your unique and creative design ideas, your willingness to collaborate with us during every step of the design process, and your professionalism in all communication with us. When we first moved into our new home, we were faced with an empty shell of white walls. We immediately felt at ease and reassured in knowing we would soon have the interior design of our dreams. Our home, with your hard work, has now been transformed into an inviting, warm, and sophisticated environment.

It has been exceptionally gratifying to work with both if you for the last six years. Your integrity and attitude of excellence allowed me to enjoy the remodeling process. Your creative genius and ability to discover what is needed never misses. Your tradespeople and workrooms have delivered beautiful results. I would not have imagined HGTV’s Designers’ Challenge show would bring your wonderful talents and dedicated spirits into my life. You’ve helped me discover my personal style. Our second renovation project together of our new home is almost completed. Again, the result is more than we could have ever dreamed. You’ve shown the ability to listen to requests and translate them into a warm and elegant design for our homes.

We think we now have the most beautiful and classiest bathroom, we have ever seen!! The green, mixed stone and glass tile design, lighting, wood cabinets, are so tasteful and appealing, that we can’t stop looking at it. You listened to our needs and asked us questions even we did not think to ask or consider. The bathroom was designed perfectly to fit our lifestyle. Thank you for being on top of everything every step of the way. You both are a pleasure to do business with.

What an incredible space you designed for Ryder Communications Group. I love seeing people react when they first walk into our offices. It’s always WOW! Then we get a barrage of questions about the colors you used, the unique lighting, the cityscape shaped windows, flooring materials, window treatments and the unique carpet design and all the curves. Our work at RCG is about creativity and you made this space exude it. I can’t thank you enough for all the extra attention you gave the project and the way you treated us. We experienced what it is to really be taken care of. I can’t wait for our next project together.

Galvin and Rode Design was a delight to work with: professional, knowledgeable, fun, understanding. Our budget was respected. For example: Donna and Leslie split their time while shopping for our fabric, wallpaper, color palette, carpet. They understood the look we wanted, and their suggestions for our fireplace and wood wall simply changed the room: formal, yet comfortable. They were excited about finds we made: coffee tables, mirror, carpet, And the people they recommended for carpentry, area rugs, lighting, were superior. We found the perfect dining table for our home--and the carpenter matched the grain and color to the table. The whole experience of redecorating and updating our home was fun, affordable, and delightful working, as we did, with Galvin and Rode Design. They were routinely updating their billings and our expenses--and that is very important.

My husband and I have lived in our Little Holmby home for over 20 years. During that time we have had the great fortune to work with Donna Galvin and Leslie Rode several times. They have overseen living room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom remodels for us. In addition, a few years ago we redid our back garden and pool area. They worked with the landscape architect, selecting furniture, fabrics and tiles. The one constant with our house is the unanimous praise we receive for its interiors and back yard. That praise belongs totally to Galvin & Rode Design.

We have used Galvin and Rode Design for 17 years. They have redesigned the living room, dining room , kitchen and bathroom in two of our homes. They are very thoughtful about our lifestyle, needs, taste, and budget in doing their. work. We are so thrilled with our latest remodel that we can't believe we now live in a such a georgous space. They are so creative that we provided pictures to give an idea of what we liked, and they came up with a beautiful end product. They make themselves available to suit our schedules and are always responsive to our requests. Needless to say, we highly recommend.

I worked with Galvin & Rode for well over two years and the results surpassed my expectations. They are extremely knowledgeable, talented and thoughtful ladies and made the design process thoroughly enjoyable. I'm reminded everyday as I look around my home of the detail, fabrics and pieces they're responsible for, they are sublime!

I originally was introduced to Donna Galvin and Galvin & Rode Design when their firm was chosen as the designers for the office of a production company where I worked at Warner Brothers Studio. The celebrity wanted an English Gentlemen's Club vibe which they executed to perfection. In contrast, my office in the production company was modern and sleek. I knew they were the designers I wanted to work with on my new home with my new husband. Donna Galvin & Leslie Rode constantly surprised us with unique and innovative design solutions. They provided a high level of professionalism combined with great design abilities so that the outcome was better than we could have ever envisioned. Their taste is impeccable but they never forgot that this was ultimately their clients' space, and they really made it ours.